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lovesrain44 ([personal profile] lovesrain44) wrote2012-10-17 05:19 pm

Chinese Translation of My Story

One of the most flattering things that can ever happen to me is when someone wants to translate one of my stories into another language. When it happens, I am glowing with pleasure that someone wants to take that kind of time. I've always planned on posting a link when it happens, but never never did. So here am I to start.

The story is The Things We Carry WIth Us, which is a SPN Big Bang from 2010.

It's been translated into Chinese, and forgive me if I don't know which dialect, but I definitely can't read it! A fan by the name of windroiin
asked, and of course I wasn't going to say no! She mentioned "delicate descriptions and strong affections," and frankly, after a compliment like that I might have given her my firstborn!

If you are interested, you can email her at her email addy and she will assist you in getting the translation.