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lovesrain44 ([personal profile] lovesrain44) wrote2012-12-04 03:22 pm

The best picture of the lot

Just to embarass Dira a little bit more....I realized that one of these pics I took about MP was perfect! So I'm going to post it again...with the appropriate text.

"Charlie adjusted his sunglasses and started off into the sand beside Don. It was hard going, sand sliding underfoot, making him aware that the shoes he wore didn't fit quite right. Don took his arm, helping him along as they climbed, and at the top of the first dune they stopped and looked out across the sand. The dunes rolled away in snaking curves (not perfect parabolas, because the wind wasn't that tidy), anchored here and there by tufts of grass. The breeze was steady and cool up here, but Charlie was still warm from walking, from the sun and the reflected heat rising off the sand."