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Teen Wolf - The Love and the Extreme Dislike

Here's the panel that I ran this year with Aral. It was one of those TW panels that gets left off the main schedule, and always ends up in the alternate programming slot (two years running!) because, I guess, it doesn't get enough votes. And the room is always packed! Go figure.

Anyway, Aral and I joined forces to combine our panel ideas into one. We basically went around the room and asked folks to say one thing they loved and one thing they hated. So while what the result is looks a whole lot like a list, the activity itself was fun and lively, with many good ideas. We didn't even ostracize those folks (1 fan!) who did not like Sterek. All were welcome!

What We Loved

Shirts off, a lot.
The cast and the characters
How Scott is slowly and carefully developing into a real Alpha.
Allison and Kira are interesting and powerful female characters
Season 3B, which is much, much, much, MUCH better than season 3A
Fake mates (?)
Cracky fanart - TW has the BEST fanart!
Allison/Lydia - potential slash pairing.
Stiles, Stiles, Stiles. We LOVE Stiles!
The Sherriff! Peter! Chris Argent - all the DILFs!!!!
Mama Melissa!!!

What We Hate

The alpha pack storyline
The killer twins
The scene where the Asian smoke ghosts go so so so slowly, boring! Learn to edit, people.
Not enough Uncle Peter!
Imposed storyline, which tends to overshadow character development
Where the hell is Danny?
Too many character deaths, and the teasing hints that there will be more! Why not let the existing characters deal realistically with the deaths that have happened?
Issac is a revolving door; his character is loose and fits in everywhere; if his character were tighter, he might be a more sympathetic character.

What Are Some Strategies for Managing Level of Engagement?

The issue was raised that because of TW's active presence on the internet, the company of Jeff Davis et al is very visible and tends to want to direct fannish interest and activity. We say bullshit. They may batter at the fourth wall till their little pitty paws come off, but fans can do what they like. The trick is how to IGNORE the stupid "TW Voice" that TELLS you that knotting is evil, and who wants you, at the same time, to enjoy the banal love interests that they throw at us. 

Here's how to deal with that, according to the very early panel on Friday.

When they say "knotting is disgusting?" (Or whatever your particular brand of fandom is, tell them, we don't give a shit!!!!!!! The Powers that Be do Not get to RULE OUR WORLD. We like knotting. We like non-con. We like bondage. We like improbable pairings. We don't like having pairings shoved down our throat. And we won't SWALLOW your bullshit. 

The discussion centered around how the Showrunners (Jeff Davis et al) THINK that they know what we want, but they don't. They give us the pale mirror of what we want, but it disappoint all the way around. They listen to what we want, but then they get prescriptive about what we SHOULD be enjoying. 

There was an excellent string on Tumblr, and I'm going to include the link here; basically it was the anger fans felt at being told that when (IF!) Stiles survives, that they should PICK a love interest for him, either Lydia or Malia, and fans went mad.

I was refreshed by fans' clarity of vision!

TW Fic Recs

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