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Sunday, September 11th, 2011 08:38 pm
Title: Lay Me Down So
Genre/Pairing: Slash - McKay/Sheppard
Rating: R
Word Count: 102,673
Warnings: Rape/non-con, graphic depictions of violence, darkfic, angst, rain and damp, bad weather, bad food
Summary: On an off-world mission, Rodney and John are kidnapped and taken to a hostile alien planet. While they struggle for survival and attempt to figure out a way to escape and get back to Atlantis, John falls sick, so it's up to Rodney to rescue them.

Links to Story

Link to story posted on AOO3
Link to Atlantis Big Bang 2001 Collection on AO3
Links to story post on Dreamwidth (tbd)
Links to story post on LiveJournal (tbd)

Ebook Versions

My lovely [info]amothea (on LiveJournal) [personal profile] amalthia (on Dreamwidth) offered once again, as she has the most generous of spirits, to create ebook versions for readers who have those devices. Here are the links:





My artist this year was [personal profile] mella68 (on LiveJournal) and [personal profile] mella68  on (Dreamwidth), and I loved that she picked my story. I had been admiring her manips on daily_mcshep for QUITE some time, so I was thrilled, truly thrilled, to have her creating art for my fic. She even created an extra manip for me, even though she was very busy. I remember opening the first piece of art she sent me, the one with Rodney and John standing in front of the cookstove with the pot of stew with its grey glop. For a second, I thought, "Why is everyone in brown? Oh, my, they're KEHKS!" It was a very cool moment. I've included her art in the story, but you can also go and comment on her art directly through this link

Author's Notes

This story is dedicated to [info]amothea (aka amalthia), who wanted it. This story is also dedicated to [personal profile] dira (on dreamwidth) [info]dsudis (on LiveJournal), who still inspires me, and to Rodney and John, who love each other very much.

Long Author's Notes

Click the link to read the long author's notes, seriously, seriously long author's notes.

Link to Research and Inspiration

I collected some pics to inspire me while I wrote, and links about gulags and hypothermia and stuff. You can find it here.

Link to Soundtrack

I was able to create a soundtrack for this big bang, and you can find it here, along with the liner notes.