Tuesday, October 17th, 2017 11:13 am
The [community profile] fandomlovespuertorico auction is live! SO MANY amazing offerings and creators, guys, it's like the world's best fandom farmers market.

My fanfic entry is here, and I'm pretty sure you will be able to purchase me for a very low price, with this many amazing people participating.

My vidding entry is here, and while my minimum bid is a little higher at $40 (because vids are a lot more work and involve more equipment), I'm also sure that will not get bid up much, so you can have me for a lot less than the VVC auctions usually go for!
Sunday, October 15th, 2017 07:26 pm
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The Infinity Gauntlet: Part 2 - The Infinity War http://ift.tt/2zpQsW3

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Friday, October 13th, 2017 04:11 pm
Saw the surgeon yesterday, and she has approved me to lift things again, so Blues is now at my mercy whenever I want. Nonconsensual cuddling has already begun. I think he liked it the way it was because in order to cuddle him, I had to lure him onto the counter so he was at chest height; that meant he got a treat every time. He's the biggest treat whore in felinedom. (I should probably check out that Animal Planet show My Big Fat Pet Makeover…)

She thinks the incisions that refuse to heal will eventually get there. We talked a little about exactly what part of the colon she removed, and the future plans to monitor me. She said I'm basically the walking embodiment of why health care is so important, because the tumor was found on just a random, routine colonoscopy. The sad part is that next year I probably won't have anything at all.

I had one good piece of news in all the bills and statements that have begun arriving, which are terrifying (the hospital bill for the surgery and the room are well more than $100,000, I don't know what my co-insurance will be yet but it's not gonna be good). One of the first bills I received was from Myriad, the company that contracts to do the genetic testing in the gene program at my clinic. According to the insurance company statement, it was out of network and would cost at least $3,600, and I'd asked repeatedly, of both the Myriad and Dr. Smith's office people, whether insurance would pay for it because I wouldn't be able to. And they were vague and unhelpful and all insisted that if insurance wouldn't pay, they would call me and I would have the right to say no or yes. But no one called, and then Myriad sent a statement that the bill was for $8,000+ freaking dollars. I went into the hospital stressed and terrified about this. A few weeks ago they sent a letter to me, which I assumed was the bill, and I've been dreading having to call them and discuss all the obfuscation and misinformation and how I didn't think I could handle it.

But then I got this call, which I assumed was them nagging me to pay, except it was that the letter was actually them asking me permission to pursue this with insurance and signing to allow them that. So I called them back a couple times and finally connected with someone who told me that the insurance company had given them prior approval, which is why they were pursuing the claim. I told them I'd been really childish and avoiding opening the letter because I thought it was the bill, and that I'd signed it and sent it back the day before. Then he said, "Regardless of what happens, you won't have to pay for it." And it felt like a heraldic choir singing behind me and the sun shining through dark clouds. Because this is all scary enough without adding this test, which I never wanted to do anyway, into the mix solely because a bunch of people wouldn't tell the truth. (I keep hearing Will Smith going "Tell de truth! Tell de truth.")

I'm trying to get in the mental space for writing more on the next chapter of Celluloid Hero but it's still like pulling teeth. It's easier to work on the crummy book I'm reading and all the nonsense with that. But I did finally get to some of the backlog of writing related things, like answering an Ask over at my tumblr about how to write action scenes. I think it's funny that people tell me often how visceral and cinematic the action scenes in my fic are, because I find them excruciating to write (sex scenes, too, but someone once told me sex scenes are just action with genitalia, which is hilar). So I put my thinking cap on and tried to come up with a good answer for them; who knows if they'll find it helpful.

[personal profile] rachelmanija has info on a campaign to get the solo ability to declare war out of Assface Drumpf's tiny-fingered vulgarian hands over here, Pull the Football, Save the World.

Does anyone have experience using ko-fi? With all the financial terror that's coming up, I'm considering it, but since I'm not popular I can't imagine it having much use or impact…especially since we can't mention those things on our AO3 pages, which is where most people would access my stuff. If you've used it, do you think it's worthwhile for a person who doesn't have, like, a fan base? It seems most useful to visual artists, I guess...
Wednesday, October 11th, 2017 04:43 am
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Tuesday, October 10th, 2017 09:08 pm
 If you work and cannot make personal calls during working hours  or are just phone shy, you can can send up to 5 free faxes to your Congress person using FaxZero. It is as easy as clicking on a link. 

Page here: https://faxzero.com/fax_congress.php
Monday, October 9th, 2017 05:02 pm
Of course, if I were a more functional person, I would have had these links up before Yuletide signups closed, so people could see The Adjustment Bureau and maybe add it to their requests or offers. As it is, I didn't get this done till too late, but I have two files on my Dropbox that I can share with anyone who might be interested in this movie, especially Anthony Mackie's charming performance as a sort-of angel who keeps tabs on Matt Damon and wears sweater vests and hats and trench coats.

I hope these work, because Dropbox is totally nonfunctional for me right now, probably because it's punishing me for having an old OS. I wish the file size of the movie was smaller, but I was running into serious quality issues the more I tried to compress, so it's kind of huge (1.63 gigs), but you can right click and DL it from my Dropbox at this link for the full Adjustment Bureau movie and if you'd like to see the deleted scenes, two of which feature Daniel Dae Kim in a role that was completely cut out and which I wish they'd kept in (it sure would have made the movie a little less white), you can grab that file here. (And please let me know if Dropbox doesn't work and I'll try to find a way to get the files up somewhere else.)

Even if it's too late for signups, who knows, maybe a pinch hit will come up, or there's always treats. :-D
Monday, October 9th, 2017 06:18 am
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Sunday, October 8th, 2017 01:10 pm
I'm super happy you are writing for me!

I'm open to angst, romance, humor, 'ships (slash or het), gen, character studies, long plotty stuff (I love plotty stuff), fluff, or drama. I love first times and falling in love, friendships, relationships between people who are equals. Friends to lovers might be my ultimate trope, and found families is right up there too.

What I don't like: BDSM/anything particularly kink-oriented, non-con in any way, emotional abuse, animal harm, ABO and that sort of thing. I've battled grief and depression for a while and dealt with cancer this year, so something that might make me more depressed or fic about illnesses or death would not be enjoyable, but if that's the direction your story goes, I'm also not the kind of person who'd freak out about it.

What I love about my fandoms is the canon universe they inhabit, but what-if AUs (canon-divergence) can be really cool--I love it when someone comes up with a story off of one tiny element being changed! Under my Yuletide tag here, you can find some of my past DYA letters if you'd like to know more.

Some of the tropes and approaches I enjoy (most of which I stole from Dorinda): right now, I really love hopeful endings, words that camouflage deeper/unspoken meanings, protectiveness, worry, extreme competence (with honest weakness), hurt/comfort, found or chosen families, partners against the world, nurturing via food/drink/warmth. Don't be afraid of the classics: Having to Share a Bed, Huddling for Warmth, Pretend Couple, situations where one suffers or sacrifices for the other, rescues, stranded somewhere (idyllic or non-), etc. And if you can write time travel of some sort, I'll probably fall in love with you.

Gifted )

The Adjustment Bureau )

Political Animals )

ETA: I removed The Good Place from my requests. It seems like it's the juggernaut fandom this year, so I imagine there will be lots of good fic, and since I royally forked up and didn't nominate Mindy St. Claire, I wouldn't have a guarantee of the character I most want to see. Who knows, maybe I'll write some Mindy fic of my own...
Saturday, October 7th, 2017 03:15 pm
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The Infinity Gauntlet: Part 1 - Thanos and the Infinity Stones http://ift.tt/2xYMtSj

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Friday, October 6th, 2017 11:17 am
Megan Kent, one of the organizers of the Escapade convention is looking for anyone who might be interested in helping her  with a fandom  research project.

"I have a vision of some kind of graph/diagram showing conventions over time, and which ones influenced others, etc"

Please contact her directly at megan@escapadecon.net