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lovesrain44: Serious Rodney and John (Default)
Friday, March 1st, 2013 08:39 am

Here are some of my thoughts on Escapade 2013.

I had a great time, but then, I usually do. My biggest complaint is the fact that by the end of the convention, I've met people I wished I'd met at the start of the convention, so that we could hang out a whole LOT instead of doing it as Sunday winds down. (I'm looking at you Teen Wolf folks!) Next year, I hope to plan some kind of hookup on Friday night, with a viewing party and all kinds of social things I don't normally like, simply to meet up at the get go.


lovesrain44: Serious Rodney and John (Default)
Friday, February 3rd, 2012 02:40 pm
I believe in Democracy and that the majority shall rule! But I was sad to see that the two SGA/Stargate panels didn't make the top ten list.

So, to honor free will, and free speech, and McShep, I would like to ask those folks who were interested in the SGA/Stargate panels if we might arrange our own time to talk about SGA/Stargate - maybe in the bar, or someone's room? A hallway? On the patio? I have watched episodes and vids and read fic and am yearning to talk about them and hear about them, and get updates on great fic and new vids that are out there.

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lovesrain44: Serious Rodney and John (Default)
Thursday, February 25th, 2010 08:50 am
My friend [ profile] amothea and I skipped Escapade last year, not because we didn't want to go, but because we took a road trip across the country and went to Media West - we couldn't afford to do both. Although she and I had a good time, we found MW to be a bit...stodgy and pedantic, in that the vid show was a bust, the art room had NO porn (even though this con touts itself as being slash friendly), and there weren't very many interesting panels. The door decorating thing never happened, plus Lansing is a drag to fly in and out of. But the roadtrip was fun and amothea is the perfect traveling companion in that she let me make all the decisions. : D (Any of her requests were cheerfully granted, of course, but she didn't make very many.) We spent a great many hours, actually, reading the various summaries for the 2009 big bang and making an attempt to determine ahead of time whether we would like them or not. I don't think  I've ever had so much fun, truly.  (This was amothea's idea, as I recall, so many, many props to her.)

So this year, ESCAPADE! We have our own room, our own little vid show (which we'll have in the room over many beers -although the Escapade vid show is perfectly fine - we just love vids!), we have our favorite breakfast place staked out (although we're tempted to see if there are any others just as sweet), and we plan to stuff as much seafood into our mouths as possible. And go to panels! That's the trump card for Escapade (besides the great location, the excuse to go to the coast, the fabulous breakfast on Sunday, the GREAT art show and auction and the wonderful people we always meet there), so that's our pick for this year.

If you're a Numb3rs fan, and you're going, please look me up! Also, SPN fans, Professionals, Starsky and Hutch, Star Trek, all day, all night, all slash. I'm not going to want to come home. : D
lovesrain44: Serious Rodney and John (Default)
Monday, February 1st, 2010 07:35 pm
So I don't know how many people on my flist are going to Escapade....but I thought I'd list the panels I'll be moderating, and I also have a question for any Numb3rs fans out there.

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